OlderBrothersAdvice is back on the press.

Hello my loyal and intelligent friends.  I left all of you quite abruptly six months ago and you deserve an explanation.

Writing this blog is one of the most fulfilling undertakings I have conceived in my 23 years on this planet.  From finding a medium to express my views, to advantaging society as a muse for creativity, this blog gave me a reason to reach beyond my usually introverted self and connect with a group of people that listened, commented, and cared about what I was writing.  All of you forced me to reach deep into my bag of thoughts and fish out the most interesting nuggets.  That pressure was the reason why the blog was wildly successful; it also served as its downfall.

After six months of writing four posts every week about a different and, most importantly, interesting topic, I started to run low.  I found that I was pulling on similar concepts of prior posts, and I was arguing with myself more than I was writing.  I refused to let the quality of the topics dip.  It was then that I decided the blog needed a rest.  Funnily enough, I just started receiving over 100 views per day, no small feat for a blog that existed for a mere six months.

As I write this, I am brought back to a very happy place and I plan on moving back in for one day a week.  OlderBrothersAdvice is officially operational again.  I will be posting entries once a week, perhaps twice if the mood strikes.  I know that consistency in blogging is one of the secrets to large numbers, but I have realized that it is about getting the written word out there that really turns me on.  The hit counter is secondary, possibly even tertiary.

I look forward to all of you swinging from my brain branches once again!


3 thoughts on “OlderBrothersAdvice is back on the press.

  1. My Good Man,
    I remained loyal, and you never left the blogroll on beingmanly. I had wondered where you had disappeared to, but presumed you’d be back when good and ready. Indeed it is difficult to maintain a prolific standard, but, as I am sure you appreciate, sticking to one’s task is a crucial part of being manly. As far as inspiration goes, I for one am glad to see you, for we surely draw chiefly on our community for ideas and sparks. Come by and visit some time.
    All best,

  2. Great to hear that you’re back on the grind! Inspiration is found when you least expect it. I hope you all the best with your literary prowess, and I look forward to tuning in.


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