#82. Cater to the extremes.

The word HOST conjures up images of Kennedy-esque sailing galas, dinner on the veranda, and Wednesday night S & M parties, snacks and box o’ wine included.  While all of these are forms of hosting, we must consider ourselves hosts in all endeavors we instigate. By extending any invitation, one immediately assumes the role of host, whether it be to get drinks, play in a softball game, or participate in a living situation.  As a host, one must always care for whom they are hosting; one must always remember to cater to the extremes.

Needs exist in both positives and negatives. Religious standards, monetary restriction, dietary necessities, or social angst, are a few of the myriad preconditions that may exist when inviting someone to enjoy time together.  It is never acceptable to guess on the comfort of your friend or guest.  A true gentleman always puts his guest before himself and plans around his guest’s needs, even if it means putting his own ego and comfort aside.

This necessity extends to those peers within the group who may identify another member as uncomfortable.  If attention is not brought to their discomfort in a discreet manner, if one chooses not to alleviate their albeit potentially minute social suffering, they are as much at fault for ruining that person’s time as the host.

If everyone cannot afford to eat or drink somewhere, find somewhere else to celebrate.

If the temperature of the room makes them uncomfortable, fix it.  If that does not work, vacate the premises.

If you think this rule does not apply to you, you are most likely infected by the underbelly of capitalism.

And I will never hang out with you.

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