#84. How to: Vintage.

Tired of feeling like one of the (J.) crew?   Want to Express yourself? Distance yourself from the boring (Banana) republic of mass produced fashion? Levitate above the sheeple?  Oh yes. The answer lies in vintage.

Sure, there are a plethora of companies that have cashed in on the vintage craze, sucking every Urban kid into their pre-distressed denim vortex.  However, that doesn’t mean that A. it is acceptable to shop there and B. real vintage is dead.

If you are not already a loving, caring grandchild, you now have reason to be.  Grandparent clothing is some of the highest quality, cleanest, free-est vintage clothing you can acquire.  Smelling of nonchalance and decades of country club lunches, these sweaters, belts, and Borsalinos, are a finely aged testament to quality and class.

For those who understand that it takes real effort to assemble a truly unique wardrobe, there are two words for you.  Salvation Army.  Dotting this fair country from west to east, the Salvation Army amasses discards that, with a thorough wash, polish, and alteration, become wardrobe staples.  For the low price of $1 to $10, vintage Ralph Lauren blazers and classic Brooks Brothers ties become part of your aesthetic legacy.

For those of you who do not associate with them, please leave your grandparents’ contact information in the comments section.

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3 thoughts on “#84. How to: Vintage.

    1. Oh, absolutely! Fades and pre-rips are two simple and widely used examples of what we have come to know as “pre-distressed.” In truth, the fact that people want clothing that looks worn in seems to come from a good place- people like genuine looking clothing. Unfortunately, rather than seeking it out, or wearing their own to a beautiful old shine, they pick up whatever looks to be that way. Lazy, if you ask me…

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