#85. From toe to head.

If eyes are the window to a person’s soul, shoes are the window to a person’s personality.

When sizing a person up, specifically the opposite sex, we naturally go from head to toe.  This is logical, seeing as most of us will be interacting in some form or another with a person’s face and not their feet.  Most of us.  The shoe though, is an underratedly clear identifier of a person’s personality.  Let us analyze how a pair of shoes enters someones life, and what a shod foot really means.

When choosing a pair of shoes, the average consumer must consider how said shoes will hold up over time as well as through changing tastes. This forces the consumer to access both their aesthetic and logical senses.  In addition to this, on average, a pair of shoes draws the most cash spent of any item in a persons wardrobe.  This forces the buyer to consider yet another factor.

There is also this.

While they are our most expensive and often most ornate items, their true purpose is to protect our feet from the ground.  Marrying these differing necessities and desires is a task managed by many of our most basic qualities.  Both our logical and whimsical selves are employed in the purchase of a shoe. How we marry our desire for attention with our view of necessity, whether that means owning two pairs or twenty, is extremely telling.

The type of shoe is also telling, but that, hopefully, is quite obvious.  To truly extract a bit more information from peoples’ shoes, consider how they relate to their outfits.  It is just one more way our shoes give off much more than we think.

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