#80. Perseverance’s days are numbered.

Perseverance is a blinding force.  Its necessity cannot be debated when attempting to launch a venture, win a woman’s heart, or succeed at any number of life’s races.  It is innate in all of us, from children begging for a new toy to adults demanding a raise in pay.  Perseverance is what helps us ride […]

#78. Dancing. With a lady.

Until the 1960’s, dancing was a stylized, calculated checklist of dos and donts.  With controlled rhythms and beats never exceeding 8th note tempos, it was quite easy to stay afloat on the dance floor.  The 1970’s twisted our vanilla dance routines, forcing us to get funky fresh with the emerging disco and hip hop scenes.  […]

#77. Have an opinion.

Speaking out the trivialities of life is satisfying.  Small talk is after all, the most common talk.  It is the lubricant, the filler, the appetizer accompanying the entree of social interaction. It is safe.  The weather is safe.  There is no option of opinion with weather.  In the social game of Never Offend, the weather […]

#76. Keep a notebook.

The art of writing is dying.  No more penmanship in the schools!  Burn the pencils!  Leak the pens dry!  Merely fossils of a bygone era…  We are dangerously close to this, my friends. Keeping a notebook is one of the greatest pleasures this author has come to enjoy over the past year.  Penning thoughts is […]

#75. Sweatpants. Really? Still?

For years, citizens of these United States have been under the impression that sweatpants are suitable fair for any occasion not specifically requesting black tie.  The invent of the Juicy tracksuit fanned these flames, introducing fashionable sweat-wear, an oxymoronic, evil polycephaly of newer and lower fashion standards.  With their unabashed lure of comfort, sweatpants have […]

#74. Take control of your emotions.

The clean Edward Hopper winter has soiled itself, morphing into a Tim Burton inspired snowpocalypse. White is black and joy is, well, not.  We are mentally exhausted by the gray sludge that we forget exists as this beatific season approaches each year.  So we sit in a bleak daze, longing for the tide of spring […]